Lelit Bianca PL162T Dual Boiler Espresso Machine-sku-SI1010

What is it?

The Lelit Bianca PL162T is an Italian-designed and built dual boiler, rotary pump, E61 espresso machine with a built-in PID, and shot timer that can be direct plumbed or run on its built-in reservoir. It also features a unique flow control paddle.

Who is it for?

The home barista who is excited about diving deep into the world of espresso. You want something that'll enable you to get the most out of every coffee by allowing you to control flow so you can ramp up the pressure, reduce channeling, and nail every extraction. You don't need a commercial workhorse, but you certainly hope to serve groups of friends with cappuccinos and straight shots once you've perfected that new recipe.

Why do we carry it?

The Lelit Bianca occupies a unique spot in our lineup. It's not only the most affordable flow control machine by a large margin, but it's also our only E61 espresso machine capable of flow control. Having access to this powerful feature on an E61 machine is great on its own, but the Bianca doesn't rest on its laurels. Its large boilers are fitted with powerful 1400W heating elements, making nearly bottomless power for shots and steamed milk.

Its rotary pump isn't just silent – it also allows this machine to be used with either its reservoir or directly plumbed. In a unique stroke of genius, the reservoir is modular. It can be detached when direct plumbed, making the machine drastically smaller. When in use, it can be fitted to the left, right, or back of the machine to suit your kitchen's needs.

On top of all that, you get an included bottomless portafilter and all of the wood trimmings. We've been drooling over this thing since the day we got it in our showroom – at least the included premium microfiber towel makes cleanup easy.


  • Bottomless walnut portafilter
  • Double spouted walnut portafilter
  • Lelit stainless steel and aluminum tamper
  • Lelit in-tank water softener
  • Single basket
  • Double basket
  • Triple basket
  • 2-hole and 4-hole steam tip
  • Microfiber towel
  • Braided plumb-in line
  • Drip tray drain attachment
  • Group head brush
  • Backflush blank
  • 3-year parts and labor warranty provided by manufacturer


  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Flow control paddle
  • Group head pressure gauge
  • PID temperature control
  • Built-in shot timer
  • 'No-burn', stainless steel steam and hot water arms
  • Pump pressure gauge
  • Steam pressure gauge
  • Walnut steam and hot water knobs
  • Brew boiler: Stainless steel, .8L
  • Steam boiler: Stainless steel, 1.5L
  • Reservoir: 2.5L with low water sensor, BPA Free


Height: 15.75 in
Width: 11.4 in
Depth: 19.1 in (15.9 in without reservoir)
Weight: 58.5 lbs
Material: Stainless steel
Drip Tray: Stainless steel
Drip Tray Cover: Stainless steel
Drainable Drip Tray: Yes
Water Reservoir
Reservoir or Plumbed: Both
Capacity: 2.5 L / 85 fl oz
Material: BPA free plastic
Removable: Yes
Low Water Shutoff: Yes
Steam Wand
Material: Stainless steel
No Burn (Insulated): Yes
Wand Movement: Articulating, full rotation
Steam Tip Holes: 2 and 4
Optional Steam Tips: Yes
Temperature: PID
Brew Temperature Adjustment: Individual degree
Steam Boiler Adjustment: Individual degree
Display Type: LCD
Display Can Be Disabled: No
Integrated Shot Timer: Yes
Built-In On/Off Timer:
Pre-Infusion: Yes
Flow Profiling: Yes
Volumetric Dosing: No
Pressure Gauges: 3, group head, pump, and steam boiler
Cup Warming Tray
Material: Stainless steel
Portafilters & Tampers
Materials: Chrome-plated brass, walnut handle
Type: Commercial 58 mm
Portafilters Included: 2, bottomless and double spouted
Baskets Included: Single, double, triple, and backflush blank for cleaning
Tamper Included: Lelit tamper with stainless base and aluminum handle
Group Head
Type: E61, lever activated
Maintenance: Backflush with detergent
Material: Stainless steel
Brew Boiler Size: 0.8 L / 27 fl oz
Steam Boiler Size: 1.5 L / 50 fl oz
Brew Boiler Power: 1000 W
Steam Boiler Power: 1400 W
Boilers Automatically Fill: Yes
Insulated: Yes
Pump Type: Rotary vane
Recommended Brew Pressure: 9 bar
Adjustable Brew Pressure: Yes
Clive Warranty: 3 year
Other Details
Recommended Application: Home or office
SKU SI1010
Max Wattage: 1400 W
Plug Type: Standard 15 amp


Setup Guide Video